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Debao Technology Co., Ltd is the leading global supplier in the developing and manufacturing special industrial labels for harsh environment applications. Labels widely used on the electronics, automotive, power cable, steel, medical, aerospace and other industries. Label materials including white polyester, silver polyester, polyimide, aluminum, ceramic and others.


Debao label material has the high performance in thermal transfer printing. We have developed high temperature polyimide labels, which provide heat resistance up 280°C for PCB manufacturers. High temp tag direct application to hot object., Vulcanization tire label, which is designed for tire identification, can withstand up to 200°C vulcanization temperature and higher for intermittent exposure time, and so on. We built a barcode label die cutting & printing center for the global needs of high quality self adhesive barcode labels, also we supply different types of thermal transfer ribbons to match with our labels to our customers.


So far, Debao company have developed and produced self adhesive labels product lines including:

  • Electronics Industry: high temperature labels, pcb & electronics components labels, flame retardant labels, anti-static labels
  • Automotive Industry: tire vulcanization labels, automotive battery labels, engine labels
  • Cable Industry: A4 cable labels, wrapped around cable labels
  • Steel & Iron Industry: high temperature tags, high temperature labels
  • Medical Industry: low temperature labels, blood bag labels, test tube labels
  • Printer Consumable: laser/ink printing self adhesive labels, direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, thermal transfer ribbons.

Our label products well sell to Europe, North America,South America,Russia, and otherSoutheast Asia. We will continue to developing innovative products for new applications in order to meet the high expectations of our customers in our fast-changing world.


To learn more about our high performance labels, call our technical experts or send inquiry. We will offer our prompt reply to you.



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