High Temperature Labels

  • Heat Resistant Label Material
Heat Resistant Label Material

Heat Resistant Label Material

Debao Ltd specializes in providing label solutions for the steel & iron industry. Heat-resistant label enables identification at an early stage in the manufacturing process. Rolling processes in the steel industry lead to separation and combining into bundles or coils. These batches need proper identification for lot traceability. Due to the high temperatures they are usually marked directly using the inkjet method. Generally, these solutions cannot be read automatically. The risk of mix-ups can therefore not be excluded. High-temperature labels are suitable for barcodes and therefore ensure a reliable material flow.

Debao Ltd has developed several solutions for this application. They are divided by temperature in categories up to 300 °C, up to 500 °C and to a maximum of 850 °C. There are functional and economical solutions for barcode identification for different products, types of processing and requirements.


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