What is high temperature labels?

In some high temperature working environment, it needs a suitable high temperature label for recognition. Polyimide material is lightweight, flexible, resistant to heat and chemical, offer ultra-high temperature performance by withstanding up to 280°C. Therefore, they are used for barcode label tracking in printed circuit board industry.  

Our high temperature label materials are 1.0 mil & 2.0 mil, gloss or matte white topcated, polyimide film facestock with acrylic adhesive, can be used for the tracking of automobile engine production process control and electronic components traceability, excellent for tracking labels on printed circuit boards exposed to the wave solder process. The material is thermal transfer printable, matches with our thermal transfer ribbon can print high definition of barcode serial number.


Excellent high temperature resistant up to 280°C

Excellent chemical erosion resistant

Excellent Weather resistant

Conform to ROHS Directive

Idea for barcode solutions




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